Seminar #3: Emotion and business growth

Usually talk about Entrepreneurship involves sharing success stories and inspirational quotes about reaching further, going where no one has gone before, and daring to make a difference. The reality is a bit different.

We decided it was time to talk about the tough parts of entrepreneurship. To come clean about the emotional struggles so that we could help female founders to come out the other side of hard times feeling stronger. Being a good entrepreneur requires a little more than a great business model or exceptional marketing – you need to personally evolve, change and grow.

Richenda Vermeulen shared her story of starting and evolving the nTegrity agency. Hillary Dixon then explained the tough moments of building and maintaining her $60m company. And then Dave Curtis gave us some really valuable strategies for dealing with tough situations that help to take the edge off.

It was a great seminar with lots of discussion and a great 'we're in this together' supporting mood in the room.

Richenda Vermeulen Founder and Director of ntegrity.

Richenda Vermeulen Founder and Director of ntegrity.


Seminar #4: The Essentials of Scale

There’s a point in your startup’s evolution when things get really interesting. After you’ve done all the hard work of understanding your market, customers and profit drivers and you’ve been out there for a while. When you’re starting to feel some momentum; some serious interest in your offer.
As things begin to take off you’ll be faced with a completely new set of challenges. What is the most effective way to grow? Do you build your team now, or wait? Do you invest in bigger infrastructure now, or wait?
We were extremely lucky to have one of the world's leading experts on entrepreneurial growth Jana Matthews from the Centre for Business Growth and Kauffman Foundation, as well as scale expert Kerri Lee Sinclair from Aconex take us through what we need to do professionally and personally to get to the next level.
We now understand the four stages of growth, our role as CEO at each stage, and the importance of letting go by building a team of highly self-motivated employees that you can trust to take full responsibility for growth initiatives. A hugely valuable session.

Jana Matthews Director and Professor, UniSA Centre for Business Growth

Jana Matthews Director and Professor, UniSA Centre for Business Growth

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